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How are paper bags with handles important?

How are paper bags with handles important?

Paper bags wholesale is a real business these days. White paper bags, brown paper bags, these all are different kind of bags that fall into the paper bags wholesale business. If you want to provide your customers with the best possible bag to carry their new purchases and products home, then you must know that how paper bags are contributing towards this. Paper bags are healthy towards environment and all but the question is , are they convenient  to use? How much weight they can carry? With these questions in mind, you’d love to go for paper bags with handles. Paper bags with handles are not only easy to use and carry around, but they also add on to the life of a paper bag. Paper bags with handles would last longer than the normal paper bag because in case of handle there would be less chances of it to get torn.


How are paper bags with handles important?


This term actually refers to paper bags that have handles, simple right? They do not involve paper mailing bags, lunch bags and  any other types of paper bags that do not have designated or paper handles. The handles of these paper bags often come in different styles, ranging from twisted handle paper bags to normal folded handle ones.

When it comes to stability many go for twisted handle paper bags as they offer more security for heavy loads, you can easily carry your objects no matter how long the distance is. This is why they are very popular amongst clothing and grocery stores. Twisted handle paper bags often offer a more luxury and comfortable feel too which can be good if you are trying to market to a clientele with a larger disposable income. Paper bags with handles and small brown paper bags not only have a premium look and feel, but they also offer a better branding surface than other carrier bag options.

By selecting the right handle type on Kraft paper bags and paper carry bags , designers often cleverly incorporate the handle into the overall design of the paper carry bag. For example, a simple rope handle can be made to look like laces of a printed shoe for a shoe store brand. While the design is an important factor, the type of handle of brown paper bags also determines the cost of the bags as well its carrying capacity. Without further ado, here are 4 common handle types for custom paper carrier bags and brown paper bags.

Taped Handle


As the name suggests, the paper handles of these brown paper bags have a tape-like shape. There are two main types of tape handle bags, external and internal. External taped handle bags have handles that are stuck on the outer surface of the bag as obvious by their name. External taped handle bags are generally cheaper than internal ones. they are popularly used by takeaways and restaurants.

Internal taped handles are attached to the inner walls of the brown paper bags. This means only the handle, not the section that’s joined to the brown paper bag surface, remains visible. When it comes to price, these are one of the most affordable handle bag options.


Twisted Handle

These are extremely functional and popular handle types. Their charm and uniqueness lies in the fact that they have a relatively rigid and hard structure and thus maintain their beautiful shape. The handles are crafted by a special machine that twists natron paper to give it a rope-like appearance. This is the reason that brown paper bags with twisted handles are more popular than any other cheap paper bags. The Process of twisting also increases the tensile strength of the handles, which allows customers to carry greater loads to longer distances. Twisted handle paper carrier bags are slightly more expensive than tape handle bags, however, they are still are considered highly economical.


So you should definitely order some paper bags with handles and paper bags with twisted handles for better use. For example If you are running a shop with a lot of football or sports items that sells a lot of products then the answer to that question is yes! You will want to give your customers everything they need to get their new purchases home safe and if you can get some of your branding on the bag even better. If you’re going for grocery run or clothes shopping then paper bags with handles are a must.

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