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What are the uses of simple brown paper bags?

Ripen Fruit Faster

Some varieties of fruit can be brought to full maturity more quickly if you store them in a paper bag. This method is effective for various fruits, including bananas, tomatoes, pears, peaches, and avocados. Put the fruit inside the bag, roll the top closed, and allow it to sit on your kitchen counter for a couple of days. The paper bag will cause the fruit to ripen more quickly because it will trap the ethylene gas produced by the fruit as it matures over time. (If you try to do this in a plastic bag, the fruit will rot because the plastic will also retain moisture and prevent it from escaping.)

If you put immature fruit in a brown paper bag and then close it, the fruit will ripen much more quickly than it would otherwise. When fruit is allowed to mature, a hormone known as ethylene is created and released into the atmosphere as a gas. While preventing ethylene from escaping into the surrounding air, the bag does not prevent air from reaching the fruit. Because of this, the fruit can ripen more quickly and uniformly than it would if it were stored in a plastic bag, in which case air cannot move freely or in the open air, where ethylene cannot build up.

Ripen fruit faster with a brown paper party bag

Make Homemade Popcorn

You can make delicious homemade popcorn in your microwave if you have a brown paper bag. If you limit the butter you put on it, homemade popcorn makes for an excellent snack between meals and can even be considered relatively healthy.

You can use any size of brown paper bag you have lying around as long as it can fit in your microwave. The small lunch sack size is easy to find, but a slightly larger size works just as well and is also very accessible.

Make homemade popcorn in a brown paper bag

Clean Windows

You can clean your windows by ripping open a brown paper bag, balling the paper, and using it. When cleaning mirrors and windows, many people swear by using paper bags or newspapers because the form doesn't leave any lint or streaks after it's been used.

It is as easy as cutting one in half, crumpling it up, and working with your preferred glass cleaner or a straightforward mixture of vinegar and water. If you have recently cleaned the windows in your kitchen, you have noticed how much lighter it is in there. Because of this, it is a good idea to put away one, two, 

Serve Snacks

You can offer refreshments in paper bags instead of plates at any party or get-together. As serving bowls, they provide a wonderful country aesthetic, and using them will reduce the number of dishes that need to be cleaned after the party. To serve, cut off the top of the bag with a pair of scissors or roll the top of the bag down and pour. 

Brown paper bag for snacks

Collect Recycling

I always hang on to my paper grocery store bags to collect my recycling. When the bag gets full, I can take it to the recycling centre without transferring it in or out of another container. However, before you place them in the recycling bin, you want to ensure that they are entirely void of any plastic, food residue, grease, or liquid. This is because any of these things can disrupt the entire process of recycling paper. One more suggestion is to fold them correctly to minimise wasted space.

To recycle paper bags, the paper must first be shredded, then the pieces must be boiled in hot water, and finally, the shredded amounts must be converted back into paper pulp. After that, the pulp is processed so that it can be used to make new paper bags and other paper products.

The majority of shopping bags and gift bags are produced by their makers using a combination of paper and plastic for increased durability. Because of this, you are bringing them home from the supermarket where you shopped could pose some complications. These kinds of bags are not suitable for recycling. It is in your best interest to look for other uses for these bags; a sheen on the exterior is typically a giveaway that they are made of plastic.

Collect Compost

Speaking of collecting things, another great way to use paper bags is to collect items for your compost pile. Then, when you take it out to your compost pile, you can also shred the brown paper bag and toss it in! (Smaller pieces of the paper bag will break down faster, so make sure to tear it up into small pieces if you can!)

  • Tear the paper into shreds. You should shred the form in the paper bag before dumping it into the compost pile, as it could contaminate the compost. The composting process will benefit from this because it will hasten the decomposition of the material. Paper that has been shredded can be more easily combined with the other components of the compost.
  • Remove any waste that cannot be composted. Before you put your paper bag in the compost, you should clean it if it was ever used to keep anything that contained meat or dairy. This will prevent issues with the compost, such as the presence of unwelcome pests or unpleasant odours.
  • It is essential to keep the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio in check. Because paper bags contribute carbon to your compost, combining them with a substantial amount of materials high in nitrogen is essential. These include weeds, vegetable trimmings, green leaves, coffee grounds, houseplants, and other indoor plants.
  • Combine the paper with the compost before using it. Combine the form with the other components to create a compost pile with an appropriate amount of each element.

Brown paper bag used for composting

Wrap A Gift

You can use a brown paper party bag to wrap a small gift; this doesn't have to be brown. They are also available in other colours, such as red, blue and purple! Check out Mr Bags' large range of colours here. Just cut the bag up so you can lay it out flat and wrap your item up. Wrap a piece of cute twine around it as a finishing touch, and it’s ready to be gifted! (I love the rustic look of these little packages for handmade gifts like homemade soap and bath bombs)

Filler Material

If you have access to a paper shredder, you can use a few paper bags to create your filler material. These little paper shreds can be used as filler for gifts or as packing material. You can also use it to cushion fragile items for storage.

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