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What are some creative uses for a paper bag?

Brown paper bags are one of the craft supplies that cost the least. Many of us already have all of the brown paper bags and supermarket bags we need for crafts, and it is feasible to acquire paper bags in several colours and sizes. Brown paper bags and brown shopping bags also work well for arts. Paper bags may be recycled in such a fantastic way! There is no age limit for the children participating in this activity.

Brown Kraft Paper Crown

Let's have some fun pretending to be a king or queen. This paper crown, constructed out of a brown paper bag with handles, is sure to be a hit with the kiddos. Because these bags already have clip art printed on them, all that is required of you is to cut the bag into the shape of a crown and add glitter so that it sparkles.

paper crown made from kraft paper bags with handles

DIY Paper Bag Bouquets

Using black paper bags, create sophisticated gift presentation pieces out of freshly cut flower bouquets. Put the bouquet you've placed into a glass jar filled with water, and then put the pot into a paper bag that's been folded. Stick the label containing your sentiment onto the bag after printing it out on a label. A lovely present that only took a few moments is now in your possession.

Black Kraft Paper Bag Flower Boquette

DIY Paper Bag Candle Covers

These paper bag lanterns are a great project to get you started because they are so easy to make. They can be constructed in a matter of minutes; you only need a small hole punch to adorn the bags with a lovely pattern of dots created with the point, and then wrap them around a candle. Voila — homemade lanterns!

The fact that you can decorate your bag with whatever kind of pattern you like is one of the things I like best about this DIY project. Once the flickering lights are beaming through, anything you paint on the wall, geometric forms, floral patterns, or even anything random, will look incredibly compelling.

This kind of creative project would be a lot of fun for youngsters to participate in as well.

Kraft paper bag candle cover from brown paper bags with handles

Hand Made Star-Shaped Decorations

The tutorial for these paper bag stars can be found in various sources online. They are a simple and inexpensive way to adorn your home for the holiday season. To make the star, crumple up some used paper bags, make some snips here and there, and then glue the pieces together.

When put up with some paper snowflakes, they give off such a stunning appearance.

Kraft paper decorations a creative way to recycle old kraft paper bags with handles

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