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Do you wrap presents or get gift bags?

Gift Wrapping vs Gift Bags: What is the best?

Traditional gift wrap has recently gained less popularity as consumers increasingly opt to use gift bags in their place. The most obvious explanation for this behaviour is that wrapping presents are challenging and untidy. After the paper has been torn into pieces, it must be thrown away. On the other hand, kraft paper bags are uncomplicated and reusable without compromising their chic appearance. Both may be easily personalised and offer various colours and prints. When deciding between kraft paper gift bags and gift wraps, there are a few things to consider before making your final decision. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gift Wrapping

The fact that gift wrap can be purchased in an infinite variety of patterns, colours, and finishes and is very inexpensive makes it an excellent choice for wrapping presents. Wrapping presents on paper is a more conventional practice, and in all likelihood, it will always be in favour. If they are wrapped precisely and expertly, wrapped presents tend to look more contemporary and pristine than unwrapped ones.

To successfully wrap a gift, the item you are wrapping must be in a sturdy box. Additionally, you will need a lot of tape and patience. It will be a bit more challenging to cover products that still need to be packed and items with unusual shapes. The most enjoyable aspect of wrapping presents is the opportunity to embellish them with ribbons and bows. A beautiful ribbon or bow that coordinates with the gift makes a wrapped present look stunning when placed beneath a Christmas tree or on display. These bows and ribbons can be stored flat until they are needed, which helps the company save valuable warehouse space. If you desire gift wrapping, why not check out our range of adhesive tapes to keep your essential gifts secure this holiday season?

Wrapping paper vs kraft brown paper gift bags for Christmas presents

Compared to gift bags, which can topple over, slide around, or get crumpled, wrapped gifts travel better, and there is less risk of the package becoming damaged. Despite this, gift wrap is typically relatively thin, making it susceptible to rips and tears if mishandled. Remember that people enjoy opening wrapped gifts, usually ripping them apart in a frenzy. This is an excellent reason to give wrapped items. It is only feasible to recycle wrapping paper if it is first opened extremely carefully; however, as we all know, this is only sometimes the case.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are an excellent alternative to wrapping paper, as they are easy to use and can be reused several times before being discarded. Gift bags usually require tissue paper, which is low cost and can add more colour and individuality to the gift. Gift bags are an excellent option for oddly shaped items, as long as they are not too heavy to risk ripping the bag.

Gift giving in a kraft paper gift bag with handles

Paper party bags are typically higher than gift wrapping, and additional expenses, such as tissue paper and labels or card tags, may be incurred if required. Another disadvantage of paper party bags is that they are prone to tipping over, breaking, or accidentally revealing the contents of the gift they conceal. Additionally, there might be better options for extensive, hefty facilities or certain kinds of clothing. There are many scenarios where a wrapped box would be an infinitely superior option.

Environmental Impacts

If they are kept and used more than once, paper bags with handles likely have the most negligible negative impact on the environment. Anything thrown away is not being utilised in a manner that is good for the environment; therefore, it is the end user's responsibility to recycle appropriately. When considering different possibilities for gift packaging for your company, you should be aware that there are no guarantees regarding the actions the end user will choose to take with the packing. Others won't give it a second thought before tossing the bags in the trash, while others will be more inclined to keep and reuse the bags.

Many people may be unaware, but wrapping paper is typically not recyclable. Paper is frequently coloured, laminated, or decorated with foil, glitter, plastics, or other elements that cannot be recycled; these processes and embellishments render the paper unrecyclable. Some wrapping papers can be recycled and are available on the market; however, the price of these papers is typically more than that of standard wrapping paper. Some limitations on recycling apply to brown paper party bags that have been laminated, coloured or altered in any other way. However, some white paper bags can be recycled. Consumers may need help determining whether or not an item is recyclable, and as a result, they may be more likely to dispose of it in the trash if they need clarification about its status.

Kraft paper bags made from recycled kraft paper

Suppose you are more concerned with the environmental impact of the production of the packaging. In that case, you will find that most of the available solutions use recycled materials in some capacity throughout the manufacturing process. There are many bags and gift wraps; some may contain more recycled materials than others. The website of Mr Bags provides information regarding the percentage of recycled material found in most available options, allowing you to make an informed choice regarding the packaging you choose.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact that paper products such as kraft paper party bags have on the planet, why not check out one of our other blogs Paper Bags: Environmentally Friendly Options

Kraft paper bags from Mr Bags are produced from 100% post-consumer recycled content, making them recyclable and compostable. These trendy bags are a fantastic environmentally responsible solution for Christmas paper bags!

Mr Bags carries many stock options for kraft paper bags and gift bags. All stock items can be ordered from our website with next-day delivery available. Mr Bags has various sizes and colours, ensuring you find your perfect match this holiday season. Check out our full range of paper bags with handles and other packaging goods.

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