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Things to keep in mind while ordering paper bags

Things to keep in mind while ordering paper bags

Buying the right paper bag for your store or personal use is essential when delivering value to your customers or your own money. Your customers will want an outstanding, easy product to recycle or reuse. Those days are gone when low-quality and compromising bags will cut it. Customers are intelligent and aware, so they demand a product that doesn’t put too much negative pressure on the environment and is eco-friendly.

Here are a few things that we have broken down for you guys that you should always keep in mind while ordering your paper bags or, most importantly, the things that Mr Bags offer in all their products

Brown paper bags

Color & Graphics 

White and kraft are the most common custom paper bags among the many colour options available. Please choose the colour of the paper bag and whether you want one, two, four, or more colours printed on it to reflect your company's brand and identity. Your Company's Logo, Brand Name, Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram Handle, Hashtag, Slogans, and Messages Are All Commonly Published Elements.

Is the paper bag suitable for your purchase?

Let’s say you buy or send clothing and other flat, tangible, easy-to-pack items. There is a wholesale, customised paper gift bag market from which brown paper party bags can come in different sizes and colours. You can choose depending on your product size and to whom you send your products. For example, white paper bags show neutrality; you can use them for someone official. White paper bags look cool too. You may also use gift bags with a luxurious laminated finish if the gift is for someone special in your life. Although this style of giftbag may look nice, they are not suitable for carrying sharp objects that may tear the paper material easily.

So, the selection of paper bags always depends on the product you want to carry or deliver. Is the load good enough for the product before you order and comes in eco-friendly packing? 

Red Kraft Paper Bags

I'd like you to please review and sketch out how your company employs shopping when ordering custom shopping bags, including considerations such as the typical number of products your clients buy and carry with them. What is the most usual or maximum size of the goods you need to fit in the bespoke paper bag that you ordered? Are any more significant aspects of the decision-making process relevant to the kind of Personalized Paper Bags for your Brand that you would want to have?

Do the paper bags come in your required colour?

It’s not always about plain white paper bags; sometimes, you want paper bags in different colours. For example, you’re having your kid’s birthday party and giving away little goodies to all the guests. Then you might need good quality hen party bags in different and catchy colours. Mr. bags offer paper bags with handles in various colours, and you can order any of them to suit the occasion and your need with an excellent choice of kids' party bags.

Make sure you’re ordering the right kind of bag.

Manufacturers may produce paper party bags from different qualities of paper, with the best quality made from white kraft paper; these may or may not include a twisted handle. Do not let paper materials deceive you; they also offer a high carry weight. 

With or Without Handles

Shopping paper bags with handles could be tacky. You want your white paper bag with handles or without handles. That, again, depends on the type of use you’re putting your load on.

Handles can be twisted (made out of paper), ribbons, rope, die cut, or there can be none on custom paper bags. Other alternatives include no handle. Choose the appropriate kind of Handle depending on several considerations, such as how easy it is for your customers to handle your products, the Weight Carrying Capacity, your brand's perception, and its theme. Take, for example:

  • Twisted Handles are the most frequent type of handle, and they are stylish and decisive.
  • Rope and ribbon, on the other hand, look fantastic when used with high-end product brands.

Paper Party Bags

Size of a paper bag

Size is another crucial factor you should remember; it goes out again—the type of product you will carry in your paper bag. If you’re shopping, mainly grocery, you should prefer large paper bags and handles. Otherwise, you can use small or medium size party bags according to your choice.

The size dimensions are the length, width (Gusset), and height of the bag. They need to be decided based on factors such as how many items your customers are most likely to carry, the size of the most oversized item your customers purchase, and at what point you would like to offer a second or third bag to your customer to be able to carry your products comfortably.


Paper bag design is another critical thing to keep in check. Most people may prefer a minimal or plain bag, which is a viable option as the occasion may not suit over-the-top designs for your needs. Choosing a neutral, simple colour is safer as they can customise it further themselves.


After all of the previously discussed points, such as size, quality, paper type and design, it is also essential to factor in the price range that is in your budget. Suppose you are purchasing brown paper party bags as product packaging, for example. In that case, you may need to factor this in to determine a surplus in revenue. Deciding the perfect paper bag with handles for your business requires to include affordability. This bag compliments your branding or identity, which can build a recognition factor for potential or existing customers.

When calculating the Landed Cost of your custom-printed white paper bags, the Size, Paper Type, Quantity, Color, and Graphics are all critical factors to consider. However, it is also essential to remember how much you want to spend on your product packaging and how this will affect your revenues. Choose a solution that is both affordable and practical, one that fits in well with your company's branding and identity, and one that enables you to keep using the same bag design for an extended period, which contributes to the longevity and registration of the custom paper bags your company produces.


With the growing demand for Paper Bags with handles and single-use plastic reducing in popularity, we must preserve our natural resources as much as possible. Select a brand that uses Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials Post Consumer Content so that your customers shop responsibly whilst adding Sustainability as an element of your branding.

We must make every effort to maintain our natural resources because there is an increasing need for Custom Paper Party Bags. At the same time, there is a decreasing popularity of using plastic for single usage. Choose a provider that uses sustainably sourced raw materials such as FSC-certified paper and either 90 or 100 per cent post-consumer content so that your customers can purchase responsibly and you can include sustainability into your branding.


While most brown paper bags are both recyclable and compostable, it is always a good idea to ensure you have selected the most environmentally safe options.

It is always a good idea to confirm with your suppliers to ensure that you have selected solutions which are safe for the environment and are part of sustainable practices. Even though all paper can be recycled and composted, it is always a good idea to do so.

Eco-friendly Kraft paper Bags

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