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Things to keep in mind while ordering paper bags

Things to keep in mind while ordering paper bags

Buying the right paper bag for your store or for your personal use is important whenever it comes to delivering value to your customers or your own money. Your customers are going to want a product that looks outstanding and is easy to recycle or reuse and dispose of. Those days are gone when low-quality and compromising bags are going to make a cur, now a days customers are intelligent and aware, so they demand such product that doesn’t put too much negative pressure on the environment and is eco-friendly

Here are few things that we have broken down for you guys that you should always keep in mind while ordering your paper bags or most importantly the things that Mr Bags offer in all their products


Is the paper bag suitable for your purchase?

Let’s say If you are buying or sending clothing and other flat tangible and easy to pack items, then there is wholesale customize paper bags market from where paper bags can really come in different sizes and colors. You can choose depending on what size is your product and who are you sending your products to. For example, white paper bags show neutrality, you can use it for someone official. White paper bags look cool too. You can also use those luxury gift bags with ribbon if you’re buying a gift for someone special If, however, you are selling more substantial and potentially sharper items that have possible chance of tearing your paper bag then maybe they are not the best choice. So, the choice of paper bags always depends on the product you want to carry or deliver in them. Make sure you ask the question of whether the bag is suitable enough for the product before you order and comes in eco-friendly packing


Do the paper bags come in your required color?

It’s not just always about plain paper bags, sometimes you do want paper bags but in different colors. For example, you’re having your kid’s birthday party and you’re giving away little goodies to all the invited guests. Then you might need some good quality paper bags in different and catchy colors. Mr. bags offer paper bags in variety of colors, and you can order any of them suiting the occasion and your need.

Make sure you’re ordering right kind of bag

Paper bags are made of different quality of paper. Best quality paper bags are made of white kraft paper with twisted handles. These kind of paper bags are durable and can carry quite amount of weight. So before ordering or buying in person, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of paper bag you’re buying.

With or Without Handles

Shopping paper bags could be tacky. You want your paper bag with handles or without handles that again depends on the type of use you’re putting your bag into. Paper mailing bags are usually without handles, Shopping paper bags should be with handles because you must carry them so holding bag by a handle is comparatively easy. So just make sure handles are strong enough to carry shopping paper bags around.


Size of paper bag

Size is another important factor you should keep in mind. This goes out again for the fact that what type of product you’re going to carry in your paper bag. If you’re shopping, mainly grocery then you should prefer large paper bags and that too with handles. Otherwise, you can use small or medium size paper bags according to your choice.



Paper bag design is another important thing to keep in check. Mostly people want to go for minimal or plain bags and it’s a good approach because different designs show different things so playing on the safe side and remaining neutral is quite a smart choice.



All the above factors including the Size, Quality, Paper type, Design are key in calculating the cost of your bags, it is also important to remember how much or in what range are you looking to spend on your product packaging in terms of affecting your revenues. Select an affordable, feasible option which compliments your branding and identity and ensures you continue the same bag design for a long period of time which adds to the longevity and registration of your brand’s paper bags.



With growing demand of Paper Bags and single-use plastic reducing in popularity, it’s important that we preserve our natural resources as much as possible. Select a brand that uses Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials Post Consumer Content so that your customers shop responsibly whilst adding Sustainability as an element of your branding.



While all Paper is Recyclable and/or Compostable, it’s always a good idea to confirm with your brand to ensure that you have selected options which are environment safe and part of sustainable practices.