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Frequently Asked Questions About Paper Bags

What is a paper bag?

Paper bags, Party bags or paper Carrier Bags are shopping bags made from different type and kinds of paper board with lots of handle choices. 

Where to Buy Paper Bags?

Look no further! At, we offer a diverse collection of paper bags with handles that are designed to meet your requirements. Whether you need bags for a boutique, a bakery, or a special occasion, we have you covered. Our paper bags are carefully crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a touch of sophistication in every package. We offer FREE Next day delivery on orders £50 or above.

 Does the Handles include in Paper Bag Dimensions?

Handles are Not Included in the dimensions given, Dimension's are for the bag area only, add another 10cm to get the full size of our paper party bags. For example our XSmall paper bags have a length / height of 24cm (without handles) but with handles the length would be 34cm as handles are 10cm long.

What GSM are paper bags made of?

100 Gsm

Do you sell Party Bags fillers?

It depends, as there are many types of party bags fillers available. Please contact us before you place an order.

Do you sell party decorations?

No Sorry, we dont sell party decorations, but we do sell high quality party bags which will add much value to your party.

Any suggestion about party bags ideas ?

Here are some party bags ideas to consider. To design the ideal party favour, think of a toy, game, or activity, then add some bubbles, tattoos, or stickers, as well as a little bag of candy.

Can I order a sample before I make an order?

We can happily send you samples. Please send your request to together with the colour and size of the bag.

How strong are your party Bags?

Our party bags are very strong. Our XSmall paper bags can easily hold 8kg.

Do you sell Party bags for kids?

Yes, we do sell party bags for kids. We are the UK's cheapest party bags for kids supplier. Please visit

Can I print on your party Bags?

Sorry we don’t offer printing.

Do you sell pre filled party Bags?

Sorry we sell pre filled party bags, our paper bags are empty. But we do sell party bags fillers. See our range of party bag fillers.

Cheapest party Bags for kids supplier?

Mr Bags is the UK's cheapest supplier of party bags for kids. Their kids party bags are only for £0.20 per bags and they offer No Minimum order and Next Day Delivery.

Do you sell football party Bags?

Yes we do sell football party bags, Please visit and select football from the drop down.

Do you sell dinosaur party Bags?

Yes we do sell dinosaur party bags, Please visit and select dinosaur from the drop down.

Do you sell unicorn party Bags?

Yes we do sell unicorn party bags, Please visit and select unicorn from the drop down.

Are your Paper Bags Recyclable?

Yes, our paper bags recyclable.

Which type of paper is used for brown paper bags ? 

Kraft paper is the most common and cheap type of paper. It is uncoated and has a natural feel. Most of the time, it is used to make twisted handle paper bags.

Are paper bags that much better for the environment ?

Paper party bags are better for the environment than single-use plastic bags because they can be used a few times less than plastic bags.

What are the benefits for choosing a kraft paper bag ?

Kraft paper gift bags are usually the first choice for paper bag sizes. Kraft paper bags are recyclable natural paper. It's cheap, eco-friendly, and user-friendly.

Which type of bags are used for packaging eCommerce ?

Poly mailer bags are ideal for mailing light, non-fragile materials. These polyethylene bags are strong and recyclable. They're cheap, water-resistant, and protective.

What are the benefits of kraft paper packaging ?

Paper bags with handles are much more eco-friendly when compared to the plastic variety meaning they pollute less when disposed of while still offering a durable and environmentally conscious alternative.

What are some creative uses for a brown paper bag ?

Brown paper bags are useful for collecting compostable. Then shred the paper bag and throw it in your compost bin! (Tearing the paper bag into little pieces can speed up decomposition.)

Are paper bags biodegradable ?

White paper bags are biodegradable. On the other hand, a plastic bag will be present in the environment for a significant number of years.

Are paper bags renewable or non-renewable ?

Paper bags are created from a material that can be replenished and they decompose over time.

How are kraft paper bags manufactured ?

Paper bags are made from flat sheets or rolls of paper pulp. Rolls of paper are trimmed to double the bag's height. These sliced papers are folded over and bonded together.

Are kraft paper bags microwave safe ?

When heated by a microwave, paper party bags could catch fire therefore are not recommended to be placed in a microwave.  

Paper Bags Near Me?

With our seamless online shopping experience, and Free Next Day delivery you can access our premium paper bags from the comfort of your own home. No need to search for "paper bags near me" in your search engine; just visit our website and explore our extensive range of options. We delivery every where in the united kingdom. We offer FREE Next day delivery on orders £50 or above. 

Looking for Gift Bags?

Our paper bags with handles are the perfect choice for gift-giving. Add a touch of elegance and thoughtfulness to your presents with our stylish gift bags. Whether it's for birthdays, weddings, or corporate events, our gift bags are sure to impress and delight the recipients.

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