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What is the advantage of plastic bags?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and the environment have been contentious topics for quite some time, particularly regarding the long-term repercussions of using plastic bags. Recycling can be made more difficult by things like plastic bags. And many arguments have been presented over the years against plastic shopping bags.

However, it is indisputable that they are the most practical and hassle-free choice of packaging for both commercial enterprises and individual customers. Plastic bags are used in various contexts worldwide, including grocery shopping, retail packaging, and parcelling. Every year, about 500 billion plastic bags are used, most of which are used for shopping. Another use for plastic bags is grey mailing bags; these are great for eCommerce as they are lightweight, cost-effective, and secure for your packages.

Grey mailing bag for shipping and ecommerce

Therefore, the advantages of using plastic bags cannot be ignored simply because there is a possibility that they could pose damage to the environment. The more significant risk is posed by consumers who must demonstrate sufficient social responsibility by ethically disposing of their garbage. Regarding the so-called "single-use bags," I use many shopping bags for various tasks all over my house. They are not intended for "single-use" in any way. The pantries of most of my acquaintances, members of my own family, and fellow community members contain a "Bag of Bags." I'm willing to wager that you do, too. Compared to the one thin bag I use to bring those items home, the packaging of the goods and articles at my neighbourhood grocery store contains one hundred times more plastic than the bag I carry. This is one more excellent argument that may be made. There is no recycling or reuse of any of the plastic packaging that was utilised for those products. This contains liners, trays, outer wraps, and other similar components. People, please recycle and reuse!

Why are Plastic Bags Good for Branding?

If you own a shop or supermarket, printing the name of your company, its logo, and any other relevant information on the plastic bags is a simple process. The fact that modifications to the layout may be made. 

Since polythene bags, often known as carrier bags, are subject to a fee throughout the UK, many people opt to reuse them. This not only helps the environment by reducing the amount of waste produced, but it also provides a platform for companies to publicise their brands, which is a win-win situation.

You can develop a powerful tool for advertising your brand by getting the colours and logo of your firm printed on the bags your customers use. You can also include your company slogan or other vital messaging to further help with this marketing campaign. What could be a better approach to make people familiar with your brand than to see them going about with your company information printed on their shopping bags? Small polythene Clippy baggies are also great for branding; for example, a clothing company may print their branding on a grip seal bag and attach it to the label with a spare button. These small touches go a long way and show your customer that you care.

Polythene Carrier Bag with Branding

Carrier bags and another polythene packing, sheeting, or bags can be utilised for this purpose. It's the slow tap tap tap into your potential consumers' minds that can ensure you are front of mind when they need your services or products. Effectively branding your packaging can help persuade more individuals to enter your business premises.

Are Plastic Bags Cheaper Than Plastic?

One piece of a plastic bag will not cost you more than 25p, which is significantly less expensive than one piece of a cloth bag, which will cost you at least 50p each. You need to shell out a few pounds to get reusable cloth bags. It indicates that bulk purchases of plastic bags will be good for both your small business and the margins of profit you make. Kraft paper bags are also a great option; they are at a similar price point compared to plastic, and although they may not have as many uses, they are just as strong, meaning you can get a suitable bag and a more environmentally friendly one too.

White Cloth Tote Bag

Quicker to Open and Pack

Plastic bags save you time because they are easier to open, pack, and fold than other bags. Because of this, many busy cashiers employ them to keep lines moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, paper bags take up more room than plastic bags in storage and at the cashier's point of sale. Plastic bags are more space efficient. Reusable cloth bags are significantly bulkier and heavier than their plastic counterparts and take up considerably more space. Brown paper party bags are another great option in the comparison as they are both cost-effective, easy to open and exceptionally durable, considering they are paper.

Durable and Weatherproof

Plastic bags are notoriously long-lasting due to their construction. They are also resistant to the effects of various chemicals and less prone to tearing. When it comes to protecting the contents of a bag from moisture, such as rain or water, plastic bags perform significantly better than paper or cloth bags. The use of plastic bags in one's place of business and one's residence comes with a plethora of incredible benefits.

Despite being an inexpensive and long-lasting packaging solution, plastic bags would pollute the environment by being dumped in landfills and the ocean. In this situation, you should attempt to reuse your plastic bags as many times as you can before you finally dispose of them. Put the remaining items in the recycling bin.

Plastic Bag Durable and Weather Proof

You will be able to avoid many negative aspects of using plastic bags, such as their contribution to waste and their inability to biodegrade once discarded. In addition, the rate at which waste accumulates in landfills and the ocean will be slowed down.

Plastic bags have many uses, and one of those uses is recycling them efficiently, which allows consumers and businesses to reap the benefits of their utilisation without negatively impacting the environment.

Although biodegradable plastic bags are hard to come by and are more expensive than regular plastic bags, choosing an option such as kraft paper bags with handles is a more fitting choice as they are easily accessible and come in a range of eye-catching colours.

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