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Party Bag Fillers

Party Bag fillers Mini Mermaid Temporary Tattoos (4cm)
Party Bag fillers Mini Mermaid Temporary Tattoos (4cm)
Party Bag Fillers Worried what to put inside your party bags? Why not some Tattoos, kids love these tattoos and the price... Full details

Temporary Tattoos Sheet

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Unicorn Stickers Sheets for party bag fillers
Party Bag Fillers Worried what to put inside your party bags? Why not some nice stickers, kids love these stickers and the... Full details

Party Bags Fillers - Stickers Sheet (10cm x 11.5cm)

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Party bags fillers Slime Barrel
Party bags fillers Slime Barrel
Forget, how to make slime Worried what to put inside your party bags? forget about how to make slime as we are... Full details

12 Large Barrels of Slime

Regular price $20

Cheap Party Bag Fillers

Organising a party or having a baby shower is usually quite exciting and entertaining, but it can also be difficult when deciding what to put inparty bags. The party bags, also known as goodie bags, are a wonderful way to express gratitude to your visitors for attending and to send them home so they can remember the unforgettable events. The party favours should be exciting and unforgettable because they add an extra touch of fun and excitement to any celebration. From colourful slime to vibrant sticker sheets and trendy tattoos, we have a wide range of options to suit every theme and preference.

What shall i put in my party bags?

When deciding what to put in your party bags, here are some things to think about: 

1: Think about how old your guests are: Children of different ages have different hobbies and needs, so it's important to choose things that are right for their age group. For example, younger children may like toys that are easy to play with, while adult children may like games that are harder to play.

2: Think about the party's theme. If your party has a theme, choose things that fit with that theme. This will help the kids have a good time and remember it for a long time.

3: Consider your budget: Fillers and gifts can cost different amounts, so it's essential to choose things that don't go over your budget. Don't forget that you aren't required to spend a lot of money to give your friends a great time. Our store has thousands of cheap party items, so you can get everything you need without spending much.

Kids Party Bag Fillers

There's something for everyone with us, No matter how much money you have! Our cheap fillers and presents include Party bags toys, Slime, Stickers, Tattoos, Stationery, novelties, Goodies, and more to fill in party bags, both for boys and girls. At Mr Bags, we promise to have something for all ages at the lowest prices in the UK.

  1. Slime: Kids love the squishy, stretchy, and slimy goodness of our high-quality slime. Available in various vibrant colours and textures, our slime is non-toxic and safe for children to play with. It's a guaranteed hit that will keep the little ones entertained for hours! Check our 12 Large Barrels of Slime
  2. Sticker Sheets: Spark your little one's creativity with our incredible collection of sticker sheets. From adorable animals to cool superheroes and princesses, we have a diverse range of designs to choose from. Each sheet is filled with an assortment of colourful and attractive stickers, perfect for decorating notebooks, crafts, or personal belongings. Check our Sticker Sheets
  3. Tattoos Sheets: Add a touch of temporary coolness to your party bags with our fantastic tattoos sheets. Featuring an array of eye-catching designs, including superheroes, animals, and glittery patterns, our tattoos are easy to apply and remove. They are safe, non-toxic, and sure to be a hit among kids of all ages. Check our Temporary Tattoos 
  4. Mini Games: Keep the party spirit alive even after the event with our exciting mini games. Choose from classic favourites like mini puzzles, playing cards, and mini board games. These pocket-sized entertainments are ideal for keeping kids engaged and having fun wherever they go.
  5. Novelty Toys: Explore our range of fun and quirky novelty toys that will leave your little guests in awe. From bouncing balls and spinning tops to mini figurines and yo-yos, our selection is brimming with surprises that are sure to bring joy to every child's face.

Huge variety of Party bag fillers

By offering a variety of party bag fillers, we ensure that every child leaves your party with a big smile on their face. Our products are made with utmost care and attention to quality, ensuring that they meet the highest safety standards.

So, whether you're hosting a birthday party, a school event, or any other special occasion, our party bag fillers are the perfect addition to make the celebration truly memorable. Browse our extensive range and let the excitement begin! Remember, a small gesture like a party bag filled with delightful surprises can create lasting memories for all your young guests.

Order your party bag fillers today and let the fun-filled festivities commence!

Planning a party and Looking for party bags for kids and party bags for adults? Dont worry we got you covered.