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Sweet Bags & Paper Party Bags

Black Candy Stripe Paper Bags
Pick N Mix Sweet Bags: Your Birthday Party Essential When it comes to sweet indulgences and delightful treats, our sweet bags are... Full details

Candy Stripe Pick n Mix Sweet Bags, Pack Of 100

Pick N Mix Sweet Bags: Your Birthday Party Essential When it comes to sweet indulgences and delightful treats, our sweet bags are the essential choice...

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Polka dot Gift Bags
Pick n Mix Bags with a Playful Polka Dot Twist! Our new pick n mix bags feature a timeless polka dot design,... Full details

Polka Dot Pick N Mix Sweet Bags, Pack of 100

Pick n Mix Bags with a Playful Polka Dot Twist! Our new pick n mix bags feature a timeless polka dot design, adding charm to every occasion. While the...

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Pick n Mix Sweet Bags, Pack Of 100
Pick n Mix Sweet Bags: A Trip Down Memory Lane! Whether you're reliving your childhood or creating new memories, our pick n... Full details

Pick n Mix Sweet Bags, Pack Of 100

Pick n Mix Sweet Bags: A Trip Down Memory Lane! Whether you're reliving your childhood or creating new memories, our pick n mix sweet bags are the per...

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Paper Sweet Bags & Party Supplies

We're thrilled to offer a wide variety of paper sweet bags and party supplies that are perfect for any occasion. Whether planning a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or any other special event, we have everything you need to make it a sweet success.

Our sweet bags come in various sizes and colours and are perfect for packaging your favourite candies, treats, or small gifts. They're also ideal for party favours, gift bags, or a fun way to give prizes. With our wide variety of sweet bags, you will surely find the perfect one
for your needs.

We want to make your shopping experience as smooth and easy as possible. We offer fast and affordable shipping, and our customer service team is always available to help you with any questions or concerns. Whether you're a seasoned party planner or a first-time host

In addition to our pick n mix bags, we offer a range of other party supplies to help you create the perfect celebration.

At Mr Bags, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. All of our products are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Whether you're using our sweet bags to package your favourite treats or our party favours to decorate your tables, you can trust that our products will stand up to the rigours of your celebration.

Cheap Paper Pick N Mix Bags

Our selection of cheap pick n mix bags will bring back that feeling of walking into a sweet shop as a kid. Understand how sweet paper bags are better for presenting candy at birthday parties. Add that magical touch. Choose from our various options to find the perfect bag for you.

Our paper bags for sweets are designed to capture the nostalgic feel of retro sweets like black jacks. They're perfect for creating your own pick and mix or offering a sweet box filled with jelly sweets. Our bags are both affordable and stylish.

The pic n mix bags are made of sturdy kraft paper and have a charming rustic look, like old-fashioned sweets shops. They're great for gift-giving too. Fill them with a mix sweets or pair them with a sweet hamper for a delightful present.

Kraft bags are eco-friendly, so you can enjoy yourself without the guilt of harming the environment. Ditch the plastic sweet packet.

From polka dot to striped sweets bag designs, our collection boasts a great range of choices. If you sell sweets or offer sweets delivery, these bags are essential. They're perfect for local shops, delivery services, and wholesale vendors. They'll help you create a great impression and won't cost you too much.

Choose from our diverse range of pick styles, from vibrant designs to understated elegance, all the while enjoying the benefits of cost-effective, high-quality packaging.

Do You Sell Sweet Cone Bags ?

At Mr Bags, we believe in offering you the best options for your sweets while prioritising the well-being of our planet. That's why we currently do not sell sweet cone bags. Traditional cellophane cones bags have been found to affect the environment negatively, contributing to pollution and waste. Instead, we provide a more sustainable solution with eco-friendly paper sweet bags.

Our paper bags are the perfect alternative for packaging your delectable treats. Made from environmentally friendly materials, these bags offer the same convenience and functionality as traditional plastic cone bags without detrimental effects on the planet. By choosing our paper sweet bags, you can enjoy guilt-free indulgence while positively impacting the environment.

Not only are our small paper sweet bags eco-friendly, but they also boast a stylish and attractive striped or polka dot design. We offer a range of colours and sizes to suit your preferences and ensure your sweet treats are presented in an eye-catching way.

By opting for our eco-friendly party sweet bags, you're making a responsible choice and sending a powerful message to your customers. Show them you care about the environment and encourage them to join you in making sustainable choices. Our bags are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers or even as a unique packaging option for your small business.

The Importance Of Party Delights

Elevate your celebrations because every detail counts, including the perfect goody bags to hold your sweets and goodies. That's why we offer a wide range of high-quality paper party bags, including our paper bags with handles.

Party bags are vital in creating a memorable experience for your guests. They serve as a delightful way to present party favours and treats and reflect your attention to detail and commitment to providing a truly enjoyable celebration. Our paper party bags are designed with style, functionality, and eco-friendliness in mind.

Our extensive selection of sweet bags will make you the perfect match for your party theme or colour scheme. Choose from various sizes, colours, and designs to complement your decorations and add charm to your event. From vibrant and playful patterns to elegant and sophisticated styles, our paper bags will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression at your next birthday party.

Do You Sell Party Bag Fillers?

In the whirlwind of planning the perfect kids party or a vibrant hen night, the little things make a big difference. One such detail is the party bags fillers, those delightful surprises that leave lasting memories for your party guests. While traditional goodie bag items are always a hit, contemporary celebrations call for innovative and sustainable party bag ideas.

Party bags for kids with fun designs like princesses and superheroes. To make them even better, choose party bag fillers that match the theme. This is sure to be a hit!

Our extensive range of eco-friendly party bag fillers merges fun with responsibility, ensuring your gatherings resonate with conscientious choices. We provide craft kits for different party themes and eco-friendly party bag fillers that show our dedication to the planet. Our collection of hen party bag fillers and accessories is perfect for those planning celebrations, with a mix of fun and meaning.

Worried about the waste that usually comes with party favours for kids or hen party goodie items? Our eco-friendly party bag fillers provide excellent paper party bags alternatives, ensuring that bags that aren't junk are at the forefront of your event.

For parents and planners on the go, our pre-filled party bags equipped with sustainable party favour ideas can be a time-saving gem. Whether it's kids' birthday parties or a boisterous team hen gathering, make your celebrations stand out with our exceptional range of party bag filler ideas.

Elegant Wedding Sweet Bags to Cherish Special Moments

Weddings are occasions where every detail counts, from the intricate table settings to the delightful treats that accompany them. Our collection of wedding sweet bags is tailored to elevate these joyous moments. For couples looking to infuse a touch of sweetness into their nuptial celebrations, our bags seamlessly merge elegance with functionality. Specially designed to cater to the most discerning wedding planner, they serve as the perfect vessels for a range of confectioneries, from classic UK sweets to exciting American candy.

Thinking of adding a twist with popping candy or other American sweets? Our bags handle them all with grace. With the growing trend of kids wedding favours, these sweet bags ensure even the youngest wedding guests have a delightful keepsake.

Also, they make a great addition to your wedding table decorations. The kraft bags add a touch of nostalgia while fitting in with your theme.

Not just limited to sweets for wedding favours, these bags for sweets wedding can double up for food storage post-celebration or as memorable party bags of sweets for other occasions. Our pick and mix bags are safe to use as food bags.

As you map out your wedding ideas, considering budget-friendly options is crucial. Our cheap wedding sweet bags provide that ideal blend of affordability and elegance, ensuring your day is memorable for you and your guests.

Striped Pick n Mix Bags

The simple delight of digging into a bag of sweets has always been a cherished moment for many. Our Striped Pick n Mix Bags transport you back to those joyous days, with their classic candy stripe design evoking warm memories of childhood visits to the local sweet shop.

Ensuring quality isn’t just a trait of the sweets within, the sturdy 36Gsm make of our sweet bags guarantees that your treats are kept safe and secure. Be it for a kids birthday party, or simply a trip down nostalgia lane with some retro sweets, these bags are the perfect companion. The essence of our Striped Pick n Mix Bags isn't just in their utility but in the happiness they encapsulate - they're a tangible reminder of joyful times.

These bags elevate the atmosphere of any special occasion. Especially at weddings, where every detail matters, our wedding sweet bags stand out as a nostalgic and delightful choice. Designed to complement your wedding sweet table or act as memorable wedding favours, they strike the perfect balance between elegance and whimsy. Whether you're looking to impart a vintage vibe with retro sweets or curate a selection of modern treats, these bags add that extra sprinkle of magic to your event.

Trying to find pick n mix bags for a specific party theme can be a nightmare. We have seven of the best colours available, making it sure you'll find a fit without much stress.

Polka Dot Pick n Mix Bags

Our Polka Dot Pick n Mix Bags offer an added layer of excitement to any occasion. But these aren't just bags; they're an invitation to fun. Whether they're cradling a mix of nostalgic retro sweets or warming up to buttery popcorn for a cosy movie night, their versatility shines through.

These paper party bags with their chic polka dot design has found favour among small businesses, from bustling sweet shops to creative craft stalls. Handing your jewellery or any other good over to a customer in a vibrant polk dot paper bag gives off the impression of personalisation. There's nothing more boring than white sweet bags.

Where these bags truly come alive is at kids' birthday parties. Their whimsical design, paired with delightful treats, like chocolate and jellies make memories that last a lifetime. And if you're ever in a fix about party bag ideas, our polka dot pick n mix bags are your answer. They don't just hold treats; they hold joy, laughter, and moments that are cherished for years to come.

The Joy of Pick N Mix Sweets

We all cherish the memories of pick n mix sweets, those delightful moments when our hands dived into a sea of sweets, selecting the ones that most tantalised our taste buds. Those moments were pure, simple, and filled with childlike joy. But as every sweet lover knows, the experience isn't complete without the perfect bag to carry those treats in. That's where we come in.

While we may not offer the sweets themselves, we are experts in what carries them: the bags. When you've got a handful of your chosen pick a mix sweets, what you need next is a reliable and stylish way to store them.

Enter our range of bespoke sweet bags. Whether it's a party, a special occasion, or just an evening in, we've got a bag to suit your needs.

Hosting a big gathering? Our big sweet bags are your go-to. For those more intimate, personal indulgences, our small sweet bags are just the ticket.

Now, let's talk design. We've curated a collection that combines functionality with style. Our timeless striped pick n mix bags never go out of fashion and evoke a sense of classic sweet shop nostalgia. For those looking for a dash of fun, our polka dot pick n mix bags bring a playful touch to the mix.

We understand the joy of sweets. The burst of flavours, the memories they bring back, and the smiles they generate. And we believe that such delights deserve a worthy companion.

So, the next time you fill a bowl with jelly beans, bubblegum bottles, or any other treat, remember us. Because great sweets deserve great bags. And we're here to ensure that every piece of candy, every sweet pick n mix, has the perfect home.

What should I put in sweetie bags for parties?

Searching for ideas for parties, especially when planning a kids birthday party, can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. After all, you want to make it memorable for your little one and their friends. One delightful element that always brings joy is the classic sweetie bags for parties.

Birthday parties at soft play areas, a bowling party or fancy dress go perfectly with sweet bags, and often party packages for a kid party include party food and sweet cones, depending on the party venue.

A great pick and mix bags filled with an assortment of treats can be the cherry on top of the perfect celebration. Let's be honest, which kid (or even adult) doesn't relish a bag brimming with sweets after a fun filled day.

The beauty of sweetie bags for parties is the sheer variety available. From indulgent aldi chocolate to the colorful array of pick n mix sweets, there's no limit to what you can include.

If you're expecting a sizeable guest list, consider purchasing bags of sweets from wholesalers as they usually have large bags of 1kg sweets available. This can be a cost-effective option, ensuring there's enough for everyone. Not sure where to find these treats? A quick sweet shop near me search on Google should do the trick.

Now, while there are countless shops and websites offering pre-filled cone sweet bags, they might not always be the most economical choice. An exciting alternative is to make your own.

As a guideline, aim for around 100g of sweets per guest to ensure everyone gets their fair share. As mentioned earlier, 1kg bags of sweets are often found at wholesalers. If you have dietary restrictions or want your children to eat healthily, it's essential to include sugar-free sweets in your sweet pack.

So, whether it's for soft play parties or more lavish birthday celebrations, ensuring you've got those delightful sweetie bags ready can add that final touch of magic.

What makes kraft paper sweet bags different?

In the world of sweet packaging, two main contenders stand out: kraft paper pick & mix bags and cellophane sweet cones. At a glance, both might seem like they serve the same purpose – to carry those delectable candies and treats. However, when you delve deeper, significant differences emerge that could influence your packaging choice.

Kraft paper sweet bags have a distinct charm. Their versatility in design is one of their strong suits. Whether you prefer a classic candy stripe or playful polka dots, kraft paper bags can be printed in a variety of designs. This makes them the preferred choice for personalised sweet bags.

Contrast this with the cellophane party sweet bags which usually come in a transparent design. While these can look elegant, they may not have the appeal and festive flair desired for kids birthday parties.

Quality-wise, both bags have their merits. While cellophane sweet cones are often lauded for their strength, it's essential to note that kraft paper sweet bags are not far behind. These bags have adequate tear resistance and are durable enough for their intended purpose, ensuring those pick and mix sweets remain safely ensconced.

However, where kraft paper truly shines is in its eco-friendliness. In an era where sustainable choices are not just preferred but essential, selecting kraft paper pickandmix bags offers an environmentally responsible option. These bags are biodegradable, contrasting with the plastic nature of cellophane. So, when deciding between the two, considering the eco-benefits of kraft paper sweetie bags might just tip the scales in their favour.

Can you buy pick and mix online?

Absolutely, you can indulge in the joys of pick and mix from the comfort of your home! Many online sweet shops offer pick and mix boxes, allowing you to dive into a treasure trove of delightful vintage sweets or other mouth-watering treats.

While this might sound like the sweet tooth's dream come true, there's a catch. Purchasing these curated boxes often comes with a higher price tag. The reasons? You're essentially covering labour, sweet delivery costs, and the convenience of having someone else curate the selection for you.

Now, if you're looking to be more budget-friendly and perhaps enjoy the selection process, there's an alternative. Instead of tirelessly searching for pick and mix near me, why not take matters into your own hands? Head over to your local supermarket and grab a packet of sweets that catch your fancy, you can buy 1kg of sweets for a fraction of the cost. Buying your own lets you fill your pick n mix with British sweets, american candy or even retro sweets.

Pair this with charming sweet bags, like the classic striped paper party bags, and you're all set to create a personalised treat ensemble. This DIY approach could let you compile your own 1kg pick and mix for a fraction of the cost.

The joy of pick and mix isn't just in the eating but also in the selection and anticipation. Whether you opt for a pre-made box from a sweet shop online or craft your own collection from big bags of sweets, the essence remains the same - a delightful mix of sweets that money can buy, ready to bring a smile to anyone's face. At Mr Bags we offer free UK delivery options for orders over £30 to sweeten the deal further.