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Which type of bags are used for packaging in eCommerce?


Have you ever received paperwork relating to banking or other credentials? You have to be aware that you are already using this plastic packaging in the shape of courier bags. The answer is yes; poly mailers are the packing that is used the most frequently in eCommerce, courier, banking, education, and other fields.

It is constructed from co-extruded PE films and has an adhesive strip on its upper surface to prevent softening. Tamper-proof packing can also be accomplished with the use of grey mailing bags. It is tough, and it is utilised in several different locations, for example, for sending out personal and official correspondence, letters, samplers, brochures, and a wide variety of other items. Mr Bags has a vast range of grey poly mailers available in multiple sizes, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs; check out our full range of grey mailing bags.

Grey Poly Mailing Bags

Air Bubble Packaging 

Air bubble or bubble wrap packing is yet another type of plastic packaging that is extremely widespread. A plastic bag is filled with air-filled hemispheres that protrude from the pack to cushion sensitive things. The packaging that is made of air bubbles is both flexible and see-through in appearance.

Regarding the packaging of crockery and glassware, air bubble bags are usually utilised. This packaging can also come in handy for various other uses, such as the packaging of fragile ornamental objects, glass medicine bottles, cosmetics, and pricey things, to name a few of these other potential applications.

The fact that the air bubble packing may be used more than once is the finest thing about utilising it. Additionally, this also provides a safe and uncomplicated shipping option.

Would you happen to need additional packaging supplies? Check out our range of adhesive tape, including brown packagingfragile packing tape, and clear parcel tape.

Bubble Wrap

Zip Lock Bags

Do you enjoy eating fresh food? If this is the case, then you are likely very familiar with the packing known as zip-lock resealable bags. This type of plastic packaging is often known as Ziploc, and it is utilised in homes to store food. Additionally, random houses and businesses use these bags to hold cash, and medicines, maintain documents' integrity, etc.

However, Polythene grip seal bags have many more applications than simply serving as a container for your sandwich or chips. Because they are long-lasting, airtight, and well-constructed, they can be used more than once.

Grip Seal Bag Packaging


It makes the most sense to have water resistance for packaging. So, STEBs will deliver you just what it is that you require. We manufacture them from high-quality materials and by ICAO regulations because they are mandated to improve passengers' safety while travelling on aeroplanes.

STEBs are commonly fabricated using co-extruded PE sheets as the primary material. Duty-free shops, airports, seaports, and other businesses frequently use these safe tamper-evident bags.

STEB tamper proof plastic bag packaging for ecommerce

Benefits Of Plastic Packaging 

Now that we're familiar with the many available types let's move on to the advantages of plastic packaging. The many positive aspects of using plastic for packaging are listed in greater detail below.

  • Can Handle Extreme Temperatures. As was just discussed, all varieties of plastic used for packaging have high melting temperatures and are impervious to the effects of moisture and chemicals. One of the essential advantages of using plastic for product packaging is this one.

    Plastic packaging is something that is used for a variety of different food preparation methods, including microwaving previously packed foods like lasagna and for freezing food products. Because plastic is resistant to high temperatures, it is widely regarded as one of the most valuable packaging materials.

  • Highly Durable. There is no question that food storage containers made of plastic are exceptionally long-lasting. Plastic packaging never ceases to impress, whether used for transporting or hauling big things. Numerous studies have demonstrated that packing made of plastic, which is exceptionally long-lasting, is the best way to ensure that shipment goes smoothly and without complications.

  • Plastic Can Be Moulded Into Any Shape. When you package things with cardboard, you are constrained by the shape of the material, but when you package items with plastic, there are no such restrictions! Plastic may be moulded into any shape imaginable with minimal effort required. However, kraft paper bags with handles have been proven to be quite durable and have an adequate max hold weight compared to plastic.

  • It is Lightweight. It should be no surprise that the weight of the package being shipped is a significant consideration. If you employ different kinds of materials, the final product will be heavier due to the new materials' weight. To our great relief, this is not the case with plastic containers and packaging.

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