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Tips for Proper Packaging of Items to be Shipped Internationally ?

What is the importance of a durable box?

Because of their relative sturdiness, while yet being relatively lightweight, cardboard boxes are the most common kind of outer packaging for overseas shipments. The box must be in good shape and robust enough to handle the task to provide enough protection for the items contained within it. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you do not reuse boxes previously used for international delivery unless their condition is immaculate. If there are tears, dents, or weak places in the box, its ability to endure freighting may be impaired.

Investing in excellent cardboard boxes for heavier shipments requiring double-walled cardboard boxes is worth spending. This is especially true for heavier loads.

In addition to a box, a grey mailing bag can be a great way to ensure your package remains weatherproof. Grey mailing bags are made from high-density grip seal polythene plastic, providing a highly durable exterior shell. Grey mailing bags are inexpensive for the vast amount of benefits they have to offer. Here at MrBags, we have various sizes available for grey mailing bags ensuring you will find something that fits your need. Next-day delivery is available with no minimum order quantity.

Durable Box Packaging for Shipping Internationally with Grey Mailing Bags

What types of robust packaging can be used for your parcel?

The item must continue to be risk-free even if the product's outer packaging is damaged or slightly worn down while transported internationally. The form and the material used are of the utmost importance; aluminium tubes are renowned for their longevity and strength, but the robustness of plastic bottles depends entirely on the type of plastic used to make them. Companies aware their products will be sent internationally should carefully assess whether or not the product packaging helps or hinders this process and then select appropriate packaging for the situation.

At Mr Bags, we have a vast range of solid adhesive tape perfect for reinforcing your necessary international packages. Fragile tape can be used to identify the contents of your container is fragile, meaning the responsible handlers will take extra care. Clear or brown adhesive box tape can be used to secure your parcel.

Deciding a suitable packaging depends on what the item is shipping; if the contents of the shipment are deemed fragile such as glass or mirrors, bubble wrap and internal foam protection may be used to ensure your parcel remains safe along its journey.

Durable Box for Shipping Parcels Internationally

Why is it essential to pad out your packaging?

Packaging peanuts, foam pads, or air cushions as padding in packaging items destined for overseas shipment is widespread. By filling in the vacant area, you reduce the risk that the products will shift around, which could result in damage to them. If a product can be moved around, it can sustain dents or scratches even if it is not considered highly breakable. It is essential to provide an additional layer of protection for fragile things by individually wrapping each in bubble wrap.

Further cushioning is required if an international shipment makes noise when shaken.

Using bubble wrap to ensure your parcels are kept safe during international transit

Why would recyclable packaging materials be preferred?

When sending packages overseas, companies should try to decrease their environmental effect by using recyclable materials for their packing whenever possible. Components that can be recycled include the product's packaging, the cardboard box, plastic packaging, recycled paper filler, and even the product itself. In addition, companies should make it abundantly evident on the packaging that it can and ought to be recycled. This way, the end user will be instructed to recycle the packaging once they have received their order and should do so immediately.

This does not necessarily imply that the packaging used for foreign deliveries should be recycled and used for other international deliveries because the quality of the recycled materials may have decreased (as explained above).

Although they are only sometimes suitable, kraft paper bags are an excellent choice for packaging. As kraft paper comes from a renewable source, often sustained forests, they allow for an environmentally positive alternative. Kraft paper bags with handles are easily customised, making them great for business branding. If paper bags with handles are not suitable alone, they can be used in conjunction with some f the other packaging methods previously mentioned.

Recyclable Kraft paper bag with handles for shipping parcels internationally

Is it essential to consider the weight of your shipment when shipping internationally?

When sending packages overseas, the general rule is that the heavier the shipment, the more the shipping costs will be. Moving products over international borders might result in a rapid accumulation of shipping costs for a company. Businesses can reduce their overall operating expenses by carefully considering the types of packaging they use. Cardboard is frequently used since it is not only lightweight but also rather sturdy and may be cushioned with air pockets, which do not add any more weight. Plastic packing is frequently used for shipments of non-breakable items such as clothes. This is good because the requirement for space and weight is greatly decreased; nevertheless, the thin plastic gives significantly less protection.

While shipping internationally, pricing is more likely on the higher side as it is a greater distance your parcel is travelling. Therefore taking weight into account in the packaging process will keep your prices down, ensuring shipping internationally remains cost-effective.

The importance of weighing your parcels before sending internationally

What steps can ensure your parcel is secure while shipping internationally?

It is critical that products be delivered in pristine shape and free from any signs of tampering. The packaging seal is a crucial indicator of whether or not an item has been opened before it is delivered to its destination. The use of fortified tape that requires scissors, a branded video that cannot be replaced after it has been opened, or a peel-able strip as part of the cardboard box are all popular choices for increasing the level of protection provided by a seal.

Durable and weatherproof adhesive tape is an essential factor while shipping internationally. Due to the sheer length of the journey, if your parcel travels across the globe, there is a higher chance of mishandling. Mr Bags has a great range of adhesive tapes, including fragile packaging, clear parcel, and brown box.

While we have stressed the importance of appropriate packaging while shipping internally, further steps can be taken if you encounter any issues. For instance, international and domestic courier services will most likely be insured for an additional cost, thus meaning if your parcel goes missing during transit or is stolen, you can claim the product cost. While insured courier services come at an extra cost, it is up to you to determine the cost-effectiveness of the service, primarily in terms of the product value.

Using adhesive tape as an extra layer of security while shipping parcels internationally

When shipping to customers internationally, should I get customer feedback?

Companies that export their products worldwide should solicit feedback from their clients, as this information can guide subsequent choices regarding, for instance, pricing and packing. Upon receipt of delivery confirmation, a business may send a follow-up email containing a short questionnaire to collect customer feedback regarding the delivery of a product. Questions that could be asked include whether or not the products arrived safely, the state that the packing and the products were in, whether or not they had been opened, and so on.

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