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Why use Poly Bags ?

Why Use Poly Bags

Polyplastic bags are great alternatives to cardboard boxes when packaging tiny, soft, and non-fragile things. Using grey mailing poly bags rather than boxes not only results in reduced waste but also minimises the amount of filler required, such as packing peanuts, cardboard spacers, dunnage air bags, or scrap paper.

They are the optimal choice for delivering printed materials such as books, periodicals, and things made of fabric and clothing. Shipping things that have already been packaged in solid boxes, such as DVDs, packaged cosmetics, shoe boxes, or boxed video games, is a breeze when using poly bags as the shipping container.

Grey Mailing Poly Bags

Custom Poly Bags

Some poly bags can be personalised in various ways, including varied colours and printed logos. Polythene mailing bags can keep your goods safe while in transit and are an excellent method to highlight your brand on the packaging. This will help your company stand out from the other companies in your industry.

Many brick-and-mortar merchants and online businesses package their wares in poly bags customised to their exact measurements. Customers get the impression that they are purchasing an item of superior quality and sophistication when shipped in these poly bags.

It's possible that using custom poly bags will prohibit you from taking advantage of blind drop shipping, but doing so won't hinder you from making a great first impression on new consumers or even helping you establish a base of regular clients.

What exactly is meant by "blind drop shipping"? Orders placed through an online retailer are fulfilled by a third-party wholesaler using the blind drop shipping method. This strategy is working increasingly successfully for many eCommerce businesses. Still, it is essential to consider the method of shipping you plan to use and the packing you plan to use before moving forward. Because the drop shipper is responsible for supplying the packaging materials, using branded packaging or custom polythene mailers is often not an option for drop shipping. However, dropshipping does come with several benefits.

Custom Poly Mailer Grey mailing bags

Lay-Flat Poly Bags

The most straightforward style of the poly bag may be purchased as a lay-flat poly bag. They are suited for various products and come in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Polythene bags designed to be laid flat have a single opening that can be sealed using heat, ties, staples, or tape.

When deciding the appropriate dimensions for a lay-flat poly bag, you should consider its width, length, and thickness (gauge). While inches measure width and height, mils are used to measure viscosity. One-thousandth of an inch equals one mil,  similar to 25.4 nanometers. The gauges of most flat poly bags range from 1 to 6 mils. As a point of reference, the typical thickness of a credit card is approximately 31 mils. Items that require additional protection, such as steel tools or hardware with sharp ends, are best stored in poly bags with a heavier gauge, better suited to their packaging.

Lay flat polythene bag

Gusseted Poly Bags

Grey mailing bags with gussets are similar to lay-flat bags but are constructed with a foldable pleat instead of a flat bottom. This makes the bag broader and gives it a square that appears on the bottom. A gusseted poly bag resembles an open-ended plastic box when it is fully opened and stands upright in its upright position.

Grey poly mailers with side gussets are best for packaging objects with atypical measurements. The "dog ears" problem can be avoided using gusseted poly bags instead of standard ones. This squares off the bottom of the packing and wastes less space.

Gusseted poly bags can be purchased in the same variety of widths and lengths as lay-flat poly bags. In addition, gusseted poly bags can be bought either singly or on rolls containing anywhere from 500 to 2,000 individual pieces.

Resealable Poly Bags

Grip seal bags that can be resealed are an example of reusable containers that can be used for packaging or preserving a wide variety of small objects. In addition, these names are also commonly referred to as resealable bags, secure bags, baggies, and other famous trademarked words.

The sealable opening on resealable bags is the most critical aspect since it enables you to reuse the bag unlimited times without compromising its integrity. There are a variety of various designs for sealable tops, ranging from straightforward grip-activated seal tops to more involved and long-lasting zipper closures.

In the same way that ordinary poly bags come in various sizes and shapes, resealable bags can be purchased in flat or gusseted types. Even though resealable poly bags are not sold in rolls, they are affordable. Depending on the necessary size, they may be purchased in quantities ranging from 500 to 3,000 units.

Resealable Polythene Bag

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